Friday, July 29, 2011

Bananas . coconut . papaya . and sunflowers . . . Natalie Kornicks . California


  1. Curious how you obtained the images from the artist

  2. I go about obtaining the images in several ways. I always select the paintings that I want to show and publish the post and then ask permission by email from the artists and/or galleries. So far no artist or gallery has ever asked me to remove their work and they have all been very appreciative of the posting. A few artists who have never let their work be shown on blogs before have even liked what I'm doing and have allowed me to do this. I do realize that all the work is copyrighted but since I link to their websites I feel like my postings are an extension of their website and I am helping them gain recognition and hopefully sell their work. That is how I justify what I do.

    I go about getting the images in several ways. If I can't download from their website I find their work on other places on the internet and am able to download then. If I can't find a way to download their work at all then I don't publish them. And if all of their work has a copyright on the image then I don't use their work either.

    So far, only once, when I couldn't find the images to download at all, I have emailed the artist and asked them to take a look at my site and if they wanted me to post their work could they send me jpg images of the images from the list that I want to show. They too have graciously sent me the jpg images.

    I hope this answered your question.