Monday, October 31, 2011

So very very peaceful . . . lovely way to start the week . . . Grace Schlesier . Southern California

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  1. Dear Judy,

    I just received a copy of the email that you have send to my British artdealer in Beaulieu. It was a big surprise and I’m very flattered that you like my paintings so much. I directly visited your blog and there I saw the paintings and the very kind words you wrote about them. Thank you very much. I enjoyed your blog with all the beautifull pictures.
    The adress of my website is: in case you want to see more of my work.

    In the Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, Great Brittain and some other European countries I’m a well known artist. Aspeccially Great Brittain is very succesfull and I’m very glad with my artdealer there of the Beaulieu Fine Art Gallery. In november I’m Artist of the Month there. Then there will be 10 new pictures of my paintings on her website.

    In Holland I’m working with only one artdealer who represents me during important art fairs and who organizes an exhibition of my work from time to time. She (it’s a lady) also sells a lot of my work.

    Since two months I’m looking for a gallery in the USA who can represent me there, but it is difficult to find a good and reliable artdealer who is interested in still lifes of a Dutch painter. May I be so bold to ask if you may know such a gallery in the USA?

    Enjoy al the beautiful things that life presents us and maybe we have contact later,

    Best regards,
    Leo Pors