Saturday, February 18, 2012

Amazing coast lines . . . beautiful . . . mysterious . . . powerful . . . Ed Bartram . Toronto . Canada

link  .  Ed Bartram
Some information from Ed: these unusual rock surfaces of the 
Canadian Shield are in the Georgian Bay Archipelago of Lake Huron. 
This area has been declared a world heritage coast. 
The rocks were created over four billion years ago when 
a great mountain range, now totally eroded, was thrust up over them.


  1. I was pleased to discover some of Ed Bartram's work on your delightful website. Ed is a friend, and his landscape paintings are a profound testament to the rugged beauty of the Canadian Shield where he spends his summers on the magnificent striped islands of Georgian Bay. I appreciate your sensibility in selecting the painting that you do and theming them in this way. It is an invitation to explore further...

  2. Hello Andrea. Thank you much for your comments and compliments. I have taken a quick look at your blog and found it fascinating too. Can't wait to read more. All the best! Judy